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Gold Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Britt Nicole

You were walking on the moon, now you’re feeling low What they said wasn’t true, you’re beautiful Sticks and stones break your bones, I know what you’re feeling Words like those won’t steal your glow, you’re one in a million

All This Time Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Britt Nicole

I remember the moment, I remember the pain I was only a girl, but I grew up that day Tears were falling, I know You saw me Hiding there in my bedroom, so alone I was doing my best, trying to be strong No one to turn to, that’s when I met You

You – Britt Nicole Lyrics and Chords

I’ve been looking for love in another’s eyes Searching for water, but I come up dry Thought that I could find happiness in the world’s applause Peace of mind in a worthy cause, take me back, take me back Got to trust in the simple truth, got to trust all I really need is

Dont Worry Now Lyrics and Chords – Britt Nicole

Seven years old you heard me cry, I don’t wanna say goodbye To the only man that I love, my daddy and everything he was

When She Cries Lyrics and Chords – Britt Nicole

Little girl terrified She’d leave her room if only bruises would heal A home is no place to hide Her heart is breaking from the pain that she feels

Britt Nicole Chords and Lyrics – Walk On The Water

You look around and staring back at you Another wave of doubt Will it pull you under, you wonder What if I’m overtaken What if I never make it What if no one’s there, will You hear my prayer When you take that first step into the unknown You know that He won’t let you […]

Britt Nicole – Have Your Way Lyrics and Chords

Feels like I’ve been here forever Why can’t You just intervene Do You see the tears keep falling And I’m falling apart at the seems

The Lost Get Found – Britt Nicole Lyrics

Hello my friend I remember when you were So alive with your wide eyes Then the light that you had in your heart was stolen Now you say that it ain’t worth stayin’ You wanna run but you’re hesitatin’ I’m talkin’ to me Don’t let your lights go down Don’t let your fire burn out […]