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Christ In Me Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jeremy Camp

In this obsession with the things this world says make us happy Can’t see the slaves we are in all the searching all the grasping Like we deserve much more than all these blessing we’re holding So now I’m running free into an ocean of mercy unending

Same Power Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jeremy Camp

I can see waters raging at my feet I can feel the breath of those surrounding me I can hear the sound of nations rising up We will not be overtaken We will not be overcome

My God Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jeremy Camp

All of who You are reaches the darkest parts Lifting the weight and erasing the scars that had a hold on me

Overcome Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jeremy Camp

Seated above, enthroned in the Father’s love Destined to die, poured out for all mankind God’s only Son, perfect and spotless one He never sinned but suffered as if He did All authority, ev’ry victory is Yours All authority, ev’ry victory is Yours

The Way Chords and Lyrics – Jeremy Camp

All creation cries out with longing With groans only You can comprehend And with wisdom You always answer And give the word of life, so unfailing

Jesus Saves Lyrics and Chords – Jeremy Camp

Hope is here, shout the news to everyone It’s a new day peace has come, Jesus saves Mercy triumphs at the cross, love has come to rescue us, Jesus saves Hope is here, what a joyful noise we’ll make as we join with heaven’s song

Healing Hand Of God Chords – Jeremy Camp

I have seen the many faces, I fear in the pain I have watched the tears fall plenty from heartache and strength So if life’s journey has you weary and afraid There’s rest in the shadow of His wings

There Will Be A Day – Jeremy Camp Chords and Lyrics

I try to hold on to this world with everything I have But I feel the weight of what it brings And the hurt that tries to grab The many trials that seem to never end, His word declares this truth That we will enter in this rest with wonders anew