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Don’t Stop Praying Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

What’s your impossible? Your “I need a miracle”? What’s got you barely hanging By a single thread? What looks so hopeless now? What weighs down your heart with doubt? You beg for a breakthrough But no sign of breakthrough yet

Kingdom Things Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

The world turns and the battle rages I look around and I find my faith is Anchored down in the king James pages And it’s not leaving Heavy is the load I’m hauling Tall are the walls not falling But still is the voice that’s calling Look up and see ’em

Hope Returns Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

So this is how it feels when standing strong Turns?into?barely even holding?on The plans you had are shattered?on the floor And your fear tells your faith There’s no use in praying those prayers anymore

Wonderful Life Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

Ron from Houston, Texas Spent three years fightin’ ALS If you knew all that he’s been through You’d hardly say he’s blessed But smilin’ through a phone call He said “Let me tell you, friend This life ain’t always wonderful But what a wonderful life it’s been”

Me On Your Mind Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

I’ve read the words in red How You leave the 99 To find the one missing Feels like that was written With me on Your mind

What If Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Matthew West feat. Lathan Warlick

I’ve heard ’em say before to live just like you’re dying, yeah Wish I could say that’s how I am but I been lying, yeah Lying in my bed at night, and one too many times I’m thinking What if, what if My biggest fear is waking up to find what matters Is miles away […]

People Like Me Chords and Lyrics – Mikeschair feat. Matthew West

What if I told you, what would you say Would you stand by me, would you walk away What if my walls came down and you saw everything All of my weakness, all of my scars All that I’ve hidden, deep in my heart for so long And I’m scared to set it free

Jesus & You Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

When the miles are too high for counting And the hill’s too steep to climb When the world outside ain’t making sense And the truth’s too lost to find When that line’s too blurred for seeing And my wrongs too wrong to right When I’m hanging by that final thread And my strong’s too weak […]