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You Lyrics – Rita Springer & Craig Musseau

In every country, In every nation From many tribes, in all of creation Someone is kneeling, someone is dancing, someone is worshipping You Someone is kneeling, someone is dancing, someone is worshipping You

Sovereign Lord Lyrics – Craig Musseau

But as for me, I will always have hope I will praise You more and more My mouth will tell of Your righteousness I will speak of Your salvation Though its fullness is beyond compare

Release My Soul – Craig Musseau Lyrics

To you, oh Lord I bring my worship And offering of love to you Surrounding in your holy presence All I can say is that I love you

Our Prayer – Craig Musseau Lyrics

Lord come and give us your power So that your name will be feared in ev’ry nation Let us do your works Let us boldly speak your holy word

Let Us Draw Near – Craig Musseau Lyrics

You have given us confidence to approach your holy throne by the blood that was shed through your broken body

Lead Me To The Father Lyrics – Craig Musseau

How can I live without Your gentle soothing voice Where can I go to know the fruits of love and joy Lead me to the Father Lead me to the Father(2x)

Jesus Alone – Brian Doerksen & Craig Musseau Lyrics

Father, open up our eyes to see Jesus alone Spirit, give us ears to hear the words of Jesus alone For we have put out hope in mortal man But we will turn back to you

Good To Me – Craig Musseau Lyrics

I cry out for your hand of mercy to heal me I am weak I need your love to free me Oh Lord, my rock my strength in weakness come rescue me oh Lord