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Made For More Chords and Lyrics – Josh Baldwin, Jenn Johnson

I know who I am ’cause I know who You are The cross of salvation was only the start Now I am chosen, free and forgiven I have a future and it’s worth the living

I’ll Be Everything Chords and Lyrics – Bethel Music & Jenn Johnson

When you’re underwater, don’t know up from down You don’t need to fight it, just surrender now I know your heart is aching, You feel in the dark You are not alone, I know where you are

For The Cross Chords and Lyrics – Brian & Jenn Johnson

The life You gave Your body was broken Your love poured out You bled and You died for me There on the cross You breathed Your last As you were crucified You gave it all for me

Nearness Chords and Lyrics – Jenn Johnson

I stand with so many questions But You know all of the answers And whether this side of Heaven I know that You are the Healer

Greater Than All Other Names Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Brian & Jenn Johnson

Your love outlast, the deepest pain Your arms still reach, the furthest place Your light still shines To light up the darkest night

Mercy and Majesty Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Brian & Jenn Johnson

No sweeter day, no sweeter song The day I knew my sins were gone My failures and my broken life Were washed in blood the day You died

After All These Years Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Brian and Jenn Johnson

After the pride, after the fall, the hands of Mercy opened wide After the rain, after the flood, You set Your promise in the sky The God who was and is to come has been the same for me

For The One Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Brian & Jenn Johnson

Let me be filled with kindness, and compassion for the one The one for whom You loved and gave Your Son For humanity increase my love