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The Passion Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Worship

The passion of our Saviour The mercy of our God The cross that leaves no question Of the measure of His love

The Praise Is Yours Chords and Lyrics – Matt Redman

Infinite, self-existent Beyond the end, before beginning Eternal One, Creator God You made the world and it was good

Promises Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane, Trenton Bell, Davy Flowers

God of Abraham You’re the God of covenant And of faithful promises Time and time again You have proven You’ll do just what you said

The Power Of Your Name Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jon Reddick, Matt Redman

Where do we turn to from here? Only the name of Jesus Where can we send every?prayer? Only?the name of?Jesus Where is our true healing found? Here?in the name of Jesus We run to the grace that?abounds It’s?here?in the name?of Jesus, oh

God Is Faithful (Psalm 114) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Sovereign Grace Music

God brought out His people with a strong and mighty hand Took them out of slavery to behold the Promised Land Mountains fled before them and the seas turned back and ran And they saw that He was good

Praise Him Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Daystar, Leeland

Praise Him praise Him Praise Him Shout it out Glory in the highest Shout it out Glory in the highest

Phenomena Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Young & Free

You are the reason for life The air inside my lungs You’ve taken hold of my heart And there’s no doubting That your love is unexplainable, phenomenal And what Your Grace has done, is nothing but a miracle So tell me how could I ever turn away from You When You’ve always been the way […]

Presence Power Glory Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Citipointe Worship, Chardon Lewis

Strip me back of all my pride, my possessions ‘Til all I want and all I seek is Your presence Awake in me A fire and a zeal A fire full of love Heaven open up