Wouldn’t if be great if there was an answer
A quench for the heart, a cure for cancer
Holding us close like a tiny dancer
With plenty of love for everyone
Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a direct line
Straight to the top we could call anytime
Whatever the reason or inclination
With no hesitation

If only there was somebody
Watching over us

He does He does He does
Oh by the way He does
He is He was
What if it was true
Knows you more than you
He does He does He does
Oh by the way He does
He lives He loves
What if Jesus saves
Oh by the way He does

Wish there was a love, a love unconditional
Maybe our condition wasn’t so critical
Bless our politicians they’re so political
They don’t work miracles but

He knows us, He sees us
There ain’t no one love me like Jesus
Found me in the night
Brought me to the light
I’m not who I was
No one loves me like He does

Words & Music : Brandon Heath, Kyle Williams

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