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Mistakes Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kutless

Empty reasons for my past Excuses do not hold I’m struck with my affliction An inner perfect storm Why didn’t someone warn me To save me from my self The pain is self inflicted The decisions were my own Now listen to history

Need Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kutless

You tore the veil so my eyes could see Your open arms right in front of me Lord I feel blind make this darkness flee You know exactly what I need (It’s You, it’s You, it’s You)

Even If Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kutless

Sometimes all we have to hold on to Is what we know is true of who You are So when the heartache hits like a hurricane That could never change who You are And we trust in who You are

Sea Of Faces Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kutless

I see the city lights all around me Everyone’s obscure Ten million people each with their problems Why should anyone care And in Your eyes I can see

Carry Me To The Cross Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kutless

When the path is daunting, and every step exhausting I’m not alone, I’m not alone, no, no I feel You draw me closer, all these burdens on my shoulder I’m not alone, I’m not alone, You pull me from this place

This Is Christmas Chords and Lyrics – Kutless

Do you find it hard to sleep til’ night, resting by the Christmas lights Could there be something you forgot Beyond the bows, and mistletoes, the tree with presents wrapped below There’s more to this than you had ever thought Have we lost the reason that we celebrate each year

Everything I Need Chords and Lyrics – Kutless

When every step is so hard to take And all of my hope is fading away When life is a mountain that I cannot climb You carry me, Jesus carry me

What Faith Can Do – Kutless Chords and Lyrics

Everybody falls sometimes You gotta find the strength to rise From the ashes and make a new beginning Anyone can feel the ache You think it’s more than you can take But you’re stronger, stronger than you know