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Don’t Stop Praying Chords and Lyrics – Matthew West

What’s your impossible? Your “I need a miracle”? What’s got you barely hanging By a single thread? What looks so hopeless now? What weighs down your heart with doubt? You beg for a breakthrough But no sign of breakthrough yet

Don’t Forget (Psalm 103) Chords and Lyrics – Kingdom Kids, Shane & Shane

Don’t forget His benefits He forgives your sins Redeems your life from the pit No regret He’s paid your debt So lift your gaze and celebrate Forgiveness

Day After Day Jesus Reigns Chords and Lyrics – CityAlight

In the morning as I pray For the day that You have made I have hope and I have peace For Your presence is with me So whatever comes my way Lord remind me of this grace I can face it with this hope Jesus won’t forget His own

Devotion Chords and Lyrics – VOUS Worship

Wherever I go You’re the one I give my devotion Your love is greater From the heights to the ocean I look to Your ways You’ll always be my motivation You pull me closer Caught up in Your rhythm and motion

Delightful (The Sower Never Wastes A Tear) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Hillsong United

There is mercy In the moments When the burden Is an ocean In a teardrop There is healing When the heartache Weighs a mountain In the grieving Of a love lost

Deliverance Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worship

You wouldn’t let me stay a captive You couldn’t stand to see my chains And so You came to be my rescue To part the waters in my way

Diamonds (Something Beautiful) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – NP / NIGHTS

You don’t require My good intention Your eyes see deeper Than what I hide behind Not just my victories You take my losses You breathe the broken things to life once again

Hope Is Here (Do Not fear) Chords and Lyrics – Building 429, Terrian

There’s never been a year when I’ve so needed To see the season come around To sing the sweet familiar carols See the lights all over town ‘Cause I need to be reminded In the darkness of these days Our God is not so far away