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Better Days Coming Chords and Lyrics – MercyMe

When you’re standing on the edge Barely hanging by a thread You hear your heart convince your head That you just can’t no more You just can’t no more

Always Only Jesus Chords and Lyrics – MercyMe

There’s no greater love than Yours That tells the dead to sleep no more With just the sound chains will break There is freedom in Your name There is freedom in Your name

Then Christ Came Chords and Lyrics – MercyMe

Like a soldier with no armor In the middle of the battle I was broken I was broken It was only getting darker In the valley of the shadow I was hopeless I was hopeless

Say I Won’t Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – MercyMe

Today it all begins I’m seeing my life for the very first time Through a different lens Yesterday I didn’t understand Driving 35 with the rocket inside Didn’t know what I had

On Our Way Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – MercyMe & Sam Wesley

Can’t believe we’ve come this far and It feels just like getting started Somehow we’re still running Like those kids back then, kids back then Scraped some knees and fallen down but Somehow we keep getting back up Long as there is wonder Gonna keep running, yeah, we’ll keep running In this moment, it’s electric […]

Hurry Up And Wait Chords and Lyrics – MercyMe

Ninety miles a minute Life’s a circus and you’re in it Too afraid to admit it You’re spinning out of control

Almost Home Chords and Lyrics – MercyMe

Are you disappointed Are you desperate for help You know what it’s like to be tired And only a shell of yourself You start to believe You don’t have what it takes Cause it’s all you can do Just to move much less finish the race But don’t forget what lies ahead

God With Us Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – MercyMe

Who are we That You would be mindful of us What do You see That’s worth looking our way