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Emmanuel Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Martin Smith

You are here in the hurricane You carry me through the driving rain All I need to know is You are with me You are here in the desert sun And in Your shadows where I belong All I need to know, is You are with me We believe that our God will keep us […]

Rain Down Chords and Lyrics – Delirious?

Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy Feels like the winds are gonna change Beneath my feet, the earth is ready I know it’s time for heaven’s rain It’s gonna rain

What A Friend I’ve Found – Martin Smith

VERSE 1: What a friend I’ve found Closer than a brother I have felt Your touch More intimate that lovers

The Cross Has Said It All – Matt Redman & Martin Smith Lyrics

Verse 1: The cross has said it all the cross has said it all I can’t deny what you have shown the cross speaks of a God of love there displayed for all to see Jesus Christ our only hope A message of the Father’s heart “Come, my children, come on home”

Martin Smith Lyrics – The Happy Song

Oh, I could sing unending songs Of how you saved my soul Well I could dance a thousand miles because of your great love

Thank You For Saving Me – Martin Smith Lyrics

VERSE 1: Thank You for saving me;    what can  I say? You are my every-thing,  I will sing Your praise You shed Your blood for me;    what can  I say? You took my sin and shame,  a sinner called by name

Shout To The North – Delirious? Chords and Lyrics

Men of faith, rise up and sing Of the great and glorious King You are strong when you feel weak In your brokenness, complete

Oh, Lead Me Lyrics – Martin Smith

Oh, lead me to the place where I can find You Oh, lead me to the place where You’ll be Lead me to the cross where we first met Draw me to my knees, so we can talk Let me feel Your breath Let me know You’re here with me