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The Great Adventure Chords and Lyrics – Steven Curtis Chapman

Started out this morning in the usual way Chasing thoughts inside my head I thought I had to do today Another time around the circle Try to make it better than the last I opened up the Bible And I read about me Said I’d been a prisoner And God’s Grace had set me free […]

The Goodness Of Jesus Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – CityAlight

Come you weary heart now to Jesus Come you anxious soul now and see There is perfect love and comfort in your tears Rest here in His wondrous peace

God Is Faithful (Psalm 114) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Sovereign Grace Music

God brought out His people with a strong and mighty hand Took them out of slavery to behold the Promised Land Mountains fled before them and the seas turned back and ran And they saw that He was good

Good Grace Chords and Lyrics – Tracy Nitschke

People Come together Strange as neighbours Our blood is one Children Of generations Of every nation Of kingdom come

Glory And Majesty Chords and Lyrics – Jon Reddick

For every sickness, You’re the healing hand For every prisoner You’re deliverance For every lost soul, You’re the promised land Our breakthrough You’re our breakthrough

God, Turn It Around Chords and Lyrics – Jon Reddick

I’m praying God come And turn this thing around God, turn it around God, turn it around God, turn it around

God Song Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong United

Oh Lord You are my God That place belongs to only You The author of it all Consume these pages as You choose ‘Cause if You signed Your name Upon my heart The way that authors always do Then You must be proud to call me Yours And I must be made for loving You

Gave You My Heart Chords and Lyrics – Chris August

I’m tired of feelin’ like I’m a million miles away From where I began Doin’ my best to keep up Sure, I had good intentions But I got lost along the way