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Battlefield Chords and Lyrics – Stefan Green

There’s trouble on the narrow road As I soldier on against all hope I’m holding out the best I can But your strength is what I’ll need to stand But your strength is what I’ll need to stand

Before You Chords and Lyrics – Landry Cantrell

Red scars deep inside of my chest Where I opened up my heart So cold and afraid to take a chance When every chance had left its mark

Breakthrough Miracle Power Chords and Lyrics – Passion, Kristian Stanfill, Tauren Wells

The odds stacked against me I’m surrounded on all sides But I’ve heard You can part the waters So in Your name come and turn the tides

Breathe Life Chords and Lyrics – Jonathan Traylor

I don’t wanna be a dead man walking I don’t wanna be a lantern without a flame I don’t ever wanna not hear you talkin’ I don’t wanna just wear the christian name

Bless The Lord Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Covenant Worship

Oh Lord You know my frame Made from dust And still You call my name You lift me up You satisfy my soul With goodness How could I forget

Beloved Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Josh Baldwin

It’s only by Your kindness that I have Inherited such radical grace You’ve seen the war torn places in my heart But You never walk away, You never walk away

Better Word Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Leeland

Your blood is healing every wound Your blood is making all things new Your blood speaks a?better?word

Blessing I Can’t See Chords and Lyrics – Building 429 feat. Brooke Deleary

I’m lifting up my heart again ‘Cause even when I can’t see the plan I know Your?love?is closing in?on me You hold the whole world?in Your hands Still You feel the pain, You understand Ain’t just a war I’m standing in, oh no It’s a blessing I can’t see yet It’s a blessing I can’t […]