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Song of Solomon Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Martin Smith

When I feel the cold of winter And this cloak of sadness, I need You All the evil things that shake me All the words that break me, I need You

Emmanuel Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Martin Smith

You are here in the hurricane You carry me through the driving rain All I need to know is You are with me You are here in the desert sun And in Your shadows where I belong All I need to know, is You are with me We believe that our God will keep us […]

Rain Down Chords and Lyrics – Delirious?

Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy Feels like the winds are gonna change Beneath my feet, the earth is ready I know it’s time for heaven’s rain It’s gonna rain

What A Friend I’ve Found – Martin Smith

VERSE 1: What a friend I’ve found Closer than a brother I have felt Your touch More intimate that lovers

The Cross Has Said It All – Matt Redman & Martin Smith Lyrics

Verse 1: The cross has said it all the cross has said it all I can’t deny what you have shown the cross speaks of a God of love there displayed for all to see Jesus Christ our only hope A message of the Father’s heart “Come, my children, come on home”

Martin Smith Lyrics – The Happy Song

Oh, I could sing unending songs Of how you saved my soul Well I could dance a thousand miles because of your great love

Thank You For Saving Me – Martin Smith Lyrics

VERSE 1: Thank You for saving me;    what can  I say? You are my every-thing,  I will sing Your praise You shed Your blood for me;    what can  I say? You took my sin and shame,  a sinner called by name

Shout To The North – Delirious? Chords and Lyrics

Men of faith, rise up and sing Of the great and glorious King You are strong when you feel weak In your brokenness, complete