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There Might Be A Light – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

I wait outside your houseAnd sing below your windowAnd I look for the light to show, I knowI know that it will come on, come on, come onCome on soon There might be a lightSomewhere in your mindWhen you think of you and II wait for it to shineI know it will come on, come […]

Weapons – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

Hallelujah, we can finally hearIt’s a miracle we feel anything at allThings we planted on the worst days of the yearGrew to fingers that rip at the joyAnd set our backs against the wall

Two Hands – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

I’ve been living out of sanityI’ve been splitting hairs and blurring linesI am a house that is dividedIn my heart and in my mind

Heaven – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

Go undercover, we drop from the screensWe’re hunters and lions, we are submarinesUnder the surface, slip through the wiresDecipher the code words, disable the liars

Closer – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

Well you thought you let go, but you’re still hanging onMother Earth’s slowing downShe’s still spinning around and we……are getting dizzy I’ll drop out of the race for more personal space’Cause the rockets we’re in get so cold and I miss your skinIt’s just how I’m feeling

Safe To Land – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

Getting tired from all this circlingNot much grace left on a broken wingI feel the wind trying to push me downIt happens every time I get to town I search for shelter near the mines we sweptI guess forgiveness hasn’t happened yetThere are no words that I can say to youTo turn this careless sky […]

Forgive Me – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

Well, I tried to figure out all the mysteries of loveI made confessions under pure duressI thought that everything was meaningless As far as the eye could seeAs deep as the heart could beSuch an impossibility that you would forgive meForgive me

Heart – Jars Of Clay Lyrics

I let it get dark, so you’ll see the starsThey’ll say we’re in love, we probably areNo mountains to climb, papers to signOffer your heart, I’ve given you mine