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Fear Not (He’s With Us) Chords and Lyrics – Vive Worship

Wake up my soul, when did you become afraid For He’s called you by name Do you remember who your God is

Faithful One Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jonathan Traylor & Mack Brock

Time after time Season after season At my highest highs In my lowest lows You’ve always been there You’re the?faithful?one

From This One Place Chords and Lyrics – Sara Groves

I was about to give up and that’s no lie Cardinal landed outside my window Threw his head back and sang a song So beautiful it made me cry Took me back to a childhood tree Full of birds and dreams

Faith And Wonder Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Meredith Andrews, Abbie Simmons, Cody Ray Lee

This name that shakes the mountain tops The only word that breaks the curses off Your name, the one that covers all It’s higher than the others, higher than the others

Fear To Faith Chords and Lyrics – Covenant Worship

Take me by the hand Come and light the way When I don’t understand I’ll hold to what You say

Fresh Wind Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Worship

Spirit sound Rushing wind Fire of God fall within Holy Ghost Breathe on us we pray

Follow You Anywhere Chords and Lyrics – Passion & Kristian Stanfill

You make it easy to love You You are good and You are kind You bring joy into my life You make it easy to trust You You have never left my side You’ve been faithful every time

Face To Face Chords and Lyrics – Natalie Grant

My feet are tired, from the runnin’ My strength is gone, for overcomin’ My lips are silent,?I?don’t know what?to pray So I’ll wait, I’ll wait?for You