I can’t remember
The last time I was content and now I wonder
How do I get?there?again

Why am I?clutching and grabbing at all the?things that I don’t have
When You’ve given me everything
Why am?I?stuck?in my feelings?thinking I know?what I deserve
When the answer is clear to me

‘Cause what you give me Lord is more than I desire
You’re my Provider
When I lose my way You lead me through the fire
You’re my Provider
Even on my darkest day You show me where the light is
You’re my Provider
And when my strength is gone I know where to find it
You’re my Provider, my Provider

I’m not forgotten I am a child, beloved
What you have given
Has always been enough

You have always been
You will always be
Your faithful hand is holding onto me
You are my
God you are my

You are, You are, You are my Provider
Provider, my provider

Words & Music : Cade Thompson, Bryan Fowler, Carter Frodge & Ross King

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