This is so deep
This is so powerful
More than just a feeling
This truth is foundational
This is?so?real
This is so?personal
More than just religion
My God is?relational

Now I, I made up my mind
This is what I believe, I believe

I am so loved by You
I am so loved by You
It’s do deep in my heart
And I know it’s true
I am loved, I am loved by You

Nothing in all creation
Could ever separate us
I believe Your promise Jesus
I know I am that loved by You

You’re my God, love unconditional
More than I imagine
You’re working miracles now

No sin, no shame
No fear, no pain
Is ever gonna come between us
That’s the power of the love of Jesus
Every battle has been won
Every death is overthrown
That’s the power of the love of Jesus
That’s the power of Your love

Words & Music : Andy Harrison, Josh Ham

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