What if I told you, what would you say
Would you stand by me, would you walk away
What if my walls came down and you saw everything
All of my weakness, all of my scars
All that I’ve hidden, deep in my heart for so long
And I’m scared to set it free

Show me a life that’s broken, can be redeemed
Show me that you can handle my honesty
And help me to know You’ll never let go
Your love won’t ever leave
Show me that grace was made
For people like me

You say I’m forgiven, being restored
But it’s hard to feel it here in this storm
Torn between who I’ve been and who I want to be
Ohh, Jesus I need You, need You to be
Hope in this darkness reaching for me
Out of this doubt, Lord, help me to believe

Oh my weak heart and Your strong arms
Give me faith when mine is gone
Help me trust in, in Your mercy can set free
People like me
Show me Your arms are open, Your blood redeems
Show me that You can love, even me

Words & Music : Mike Grayson, Jeff Pardo

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