Let every lie be silenced and all depression cease
Let every dark assignment bow?down?at Jesus’ feet
Let?every curse be broken, let every?storm be tamed
And all that come against us be bound in Jesus’ name

Your presence is my greatest weapon
Pushing back the darkness, breaking every chain
My worship opens up the Heavens
Crushing every stronghold when I speak Your name
‘Cause Your presence is my weapon
Your presence is my weapon

Your strength will not be shaken, Your love will not back down
Death has been defeated, what can stop me now
I hold on to what You’ve spoken, You said that I am free
You’ve given me Your promise and You are my victory

Your word and a melody are making a way for me
You defeat the enemy
This prison is shaking now and these walls are coming down
Your presence makes me free
I am free

Your presence is my weapon

Words & Music : Andrew Bergthold, Benji Cowart, Ryan Ellis (Isla Vista Worship), Jonathan Jay & Natalie Grant

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