You don’t withhold your love from us
Arms open wide upon a cross
You give no matter what the cost
Jesus we see You

All of these worlds your hands have made
A billion stars stretch out in space
These are just echoes of your grace
Jesus we see You

You are the generous giver
Your mercy overflows
Your blessing is a river
On and on and on it goes
You are an endless fountain
You’re filling up my life
My heart must sing Your praises
Jesus You be glorified

Jesus you reach us in our pain
Your mercy meets us every day
Your love will never turn away
Jesus we see You

On and on, on and on
On and on, Jesus You be glorified

You’re so much better
You’re so much kinder
Than anything we think You are
Your love is deeper
Your love is wider
Open our eyes to see you God

Words & Music : Brenton Brown, Giorgi Antinori, Leo Antinori, Max Morozov

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