Are you disappointed
Are you desperate for help
You know what it’s like to be tired
And only a shell of yourself
You start to believe
You don’t have what it takes
Cause it’s all you can do
Just to move much less finish the race
But don’t forget what lies ahead

Almost home
Brother it won’t be long
Soon all your burdens will be gone
With all your strength
Sister run wild run free
Hold up your head
Keep pressing on
We are almost home

Well this road will be hard
But we win in the end
Simply because of Jesus in us
It’s not if but when
So take joy in the journey
Even when it feels long
Oh find strength in each step
Knowing heaven is cheering you on

I know that the cross has brought heaven to us
But make no mistake there’s still more to come
When our flesh and our bone are no longer between
Where we are right now and where we’re meant to be
When all that’s been lost has been made whole again
When these tears and this pain no longer exist
No more walking we’re running as fast as we can
Consider this our second wind

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