It’s been a long road, long road
And I’ve been through so much through the years
I’ve had a heartbreak, heartbreak
I kept reaching for You through the tears
Thinking, I don’t know what’s up ahead
I don’t know how it’ll end
I know that You’ve got a plan for me
Stepping out onto the waves
Haven’t stopped walking by faith
Whatever comes I will still believe

The story’s not over yet
You’ve got it under control
Why would I fear when I know You’ve designed?
The story’s not over yet
You’ve written every word
Can’t wait to see where You go with my life
The story’s not over yet

I found Your goodness through the pain
Found Your mercy down upon my knees
I’ve learned when life goes sideways
You still got me where I need to be
Don’t need to know what’s ahead
Don’t need to know how it ends
I know that You got Your hand on me

I believe what You started You will complete
I believe every broke thing will be redeemed
I believe ’cause You’ve always been faithful to me
To me, to me

Words & Music : Benjamin Glover, Jeremy Camp, Colby Wedgeworth

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