I see His cross
The sacrifice of God
No breath in His lungs
The Son poured out His blood for us
But death could not contest such love

Third day in the grave
His broken body lay
As the dawn began to break
Our Savior rose to life again
Jesus, You’re victorious
Jesus, You’re victorious

Hallelujah, He is risen
Death defeated, hope lives
Praise the name of our redeemer
This is Jesus, He lives

I see His throne
The risen Lamb has won
He reigns with scars
Marked by the fight he fought for us
Long live King Jesus
Long live King Jesus

One day every knee
Will bow down at His feet
All the earth shout His praise
Our King is coming back again

Death could not contest such love
Jesus, You’re victorious
You took our sin and shame
And left it in the grave
Now hope lives in Jesus name

Words & Music : Elle Limebear, Wes Milne, Martin Smith, Henry Milne, Paul Nelson & Sarah Bird

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