When I feel distant
Your love draws me close
When my hope is missing
Your presence is my home

You’re my protector
Your word keeps me safe
The love of my Father
Nothing can separate

No matter where I’ve been or what I’ve done
You’ll never leave or hold back Your love
Your presence is surrounding me

I am not alone, You are here with me
You’ve given me Your heart and You will never leave
Father, You’re always good and You’re always here for me
You’ll never leave

When I feel broken
You show me what it cost
To win back my freedom
My Saviour on the cross

For all of my days
Your love wraps around me
Love wraps around my heart
And I am safe
I’ll worship forever
Worship with all my heart

You’ll never leave, You’ll never leave
You’ll never leave, You’ll never leave

Words & Music : Andy Harrison

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