You’ve been, waiting a long time
To let this, out into the daylight
You’re not alone, we all have days
When the well inside needs to break

Just let them fall, like healing rain
Watch the walls, start crumbling
Let your heart beat, and feel the weight
You’ve carried disappear

Just let them fall, right down your face
Hit the ground, in a pool of grace
And feel the things, you haven’t felt for years
That’s why God made tears

The waves crash, hard into the harbour
But you don’t, have to hold them back any longer
There’s a freedom, found when you’re unafraid
To let the water, wash it all away

Watch the old become new
Let the fear fade away
Feel His arms around you
Ohh, It’s okay

You’ve been, waiting a long time

Hmmmm, that’s why God made tears

Words & Music : Matt Hammitt, Jeff Pardo

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