How can I thank You for the way that You freely gave
Love so beautiful unconditionally
Had to stop take a break feelin’ good today
Everything’s wonderful You didn’t have to do this for me
But then I look and see all of the suffering
I wanna do something but something’s gotta start with me

I can’t give it ‘til I live it
Now that my eyes are open
Teach me how to love

Love God, love people, love my neighbor as myself
My brother, my sister, everybody love somebody

And now it’s time to make a change, revolution day
Put it into action, live compassionately
You take the black and the white, red, yellow, brown
Life gets better, it just gets better when we
We look around and see all of humanity
Waiting on someone, someone is you and me

You can’t give it ‘til you live it
Now that your heart is open
Just reach out and love

You can’t give it ‘til you live it
You can’t live it until you give it away
You can’t give it ‘til you live it
Now that your heart is wide open, you gotta give all of your love

You can’t live without giving love
So let your heart be open
Just reach out and, just reach out and love

Everybody love somebody
Everybody love somebody

Songwriter : Israel Houghton, Aaron Lindsey, Tommy Sims

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