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Your Kingdom Come – Travis Gandy Lyrics

(verse 1) Wash over us Come into this place Let Your Spirit move As we exalt Your name

Travis J. Gandy – Victory Song Lyrics

VERSE: “The victory is yours!” declares the Lord “The victory is yours!” declares the Lord

Travis J. Gandy – The Angels Singing Lyrics

CHORUS: I hear the angels singing “Holy is  our God.” I hear the angels singing “Holy are  You Lord”

On My Knees Lyrics – Travis Gandy

I’m on my knees seeking Your face Seeking Your will that flows from Your grace I will run to Your throne And I’ll bow at Your feet For in Your presence Is where I wanna be Lord take my life And make it complete Lord let Your mercy Fall fresh on me

Here I Am Lyrics – D.J. O’Neil / Donald Gandy / Travis Gandy

VERSE 1: O Lord, here I am And I bow before Your throne Your love completes me In spirit, my soul sings

Here In My Heart Lyrics – Travis J. Gandy

VERSE: Here In my heart I will sing about Your Goodness Here In My Heart Is a song of love to You CHORUS: For You are so loving And You are so faithful And You are so wonderful to me