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This Is Love Lyrics – Terry Butler

Nail pierced hands, A wounded side This is love, This is love The holy heart, Was sacrificed This is love, This is love

God Has Revealed It Lyrics – Terry Butler & Cindy Rethmeier

No eye has seen No ear has heard No mind has conceived What the Lord has prepared But by His spirit He has revealed His plan to those who love Him

Cry Of My Heart Chords and Lyrics – Terry Butler

It is the cry of my heart to follow You It is the cry of my heart to be close to You It is the cry of my heart to follow All of the days of my life

Closer – Terry Butler Lyrics

Search me oh God and know my thoughts Nothing is hidden from you Lead me along your path of life That I may walk in truth (chorus) Bring me closer, closer Closer to you my Lord Bring me closer, closer To your ways, to your will, to your heart

At The Cross Lyrics – Randy & Terry Butler

I know a place, a wonderful place Where accused and condemned Find mercy and grace Where the wrongs we have done And the wrongs done to us Were nailed there with him There on the cross