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You’ve Already Won Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane

There’s peace that outlasts darkness Hope that’s in the blood There’s future grace that’s mine today That Jesus Christ has won So I can face tomorrow For tomorrow’s in Your hands All I need you will provide Just like you always have

Rejoice Chords and Lyrics – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Shane & Shane

Rejoice in the Lord now and always Sing it again, we rejoice Delight in the love He has shown us Gratefully lift up your voice His gentleness among us Will join our hearts with praise We gather in His goodness A family of grace

Promises Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane, Trenton Bell, Davy Flowers

God of Abraham You’re the God of covenant And of faithful promises Time and time again You have proven You’ll do just what you said

Let It Be Real Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Watermark Music, Shane & Shane

I come to the Father Nothing to offer but my sin You see it all You see it all I come to the altar I’ve come to the end of my own way I wanna know you I just wanna know you

You Know Everything Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane, Kingdom Kids

You know words before I speak ’em Thoughts before I think ’em You know everything I’ve ever done All I’ll ever do You know every hair on my head Everywhere that I’ve been You know everything there is to know Still you love me

You Keep On Getting Better Chords and Lyrics – The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane, Majesty Rose

I will sing of Your goodness I will sing of Your love Though the seasons come quickly You have always been enough And though the night may get darker Though the waiting seems long You have always been faithful To remind me of Your love

How Awesome Is Your Love Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Shane & Shane

Deeper than the deepest ocean More faithful than the rising sun Reaching higher than the heavens Your goodness God I can’t outrun Your goodness God I can’t outrun

The Cup Was Not Removed Chords and Lyrics – The Worship Initiative, Shane & Shane

The cup was not removed He drank it all See Him hanging there where I belong His tears were as scarlet but there in the garden The cup was not removed