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Another Drink – Scott Underwood Chords and Lyrics

I’m thirsty Lord, yes, I’m thirsty Lord I’m thirsty Lord for the Living Waters of life I want a drink, I want a drink I want a drink of the Living Waters of Life

You Are In Control Lyrics – Scott Underwood

You are my shepherd I have no needs You lead by peaceful streams And You refresh my life

Scott Underwood Lyrics – You Are God

You are God of the heavens and God of the earth You are God of our Savior’s virgin birth You were God on the cross and God over hell You were God before man And God when he fell

Take My Life – Scott Underwood Lyrics

Holiness Holiness is what I long for Holiness is what I need Holiness Holiness is what you want from me

Perfect Timing Lyrics – Scott Underwood

We won’t be anxious, we’ll cease our striving We’ll wait on You ‘Cause everyone knows that You have perfect timing You have perfect timing Everyone knows that You have perfect timing

It’s All About Jesus – Scott Underwood Lyrics

Yeah, it’s all about Jesus, yeah Who’s the only light that shines and never fades The light of the world, Jesus Who’s the only light that drives the dark away The light of the world, Jesus

Hallelujah, Glory – Scott Underwood Lyrics

Hallelujah, glory Hallelujah, glory Hallelejah, glory Hallelujah, glory To the Holy of Holies To the Holy of Holies Hallelujah, glory Hallelujah, glory

Greater Grace Lyrics – Scott Underwood

Long ago Even before you made the world You chose me Through what Christ would do A greater grace You gave to me You are the Source And Jesus is the means