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Ancient Of Days Chords and Lyrics – Ron Kenoly

Blessing and honor, glory and power Be unto the ancient of days From ev’ry nation all of creation Bow before the ancient of days

All Honor Chords and Lyrics – Ron Kenoly

All honor, all glory, all power to You All honor, all glory, all power to You

Kelly Husted & Ron Kenoly Lyrics – Keeper Of My Heart

I will come to You with praise in my mouth I will worship at Your throne with thanksgiving It’s to You that I sing Proclaiming You as King And giving glory You are counselor and friend The beginning and the end You’re the keeper of my heart

Ron Kenoly Lyrics – Jesus Is Alive

Hallelujah, Jesus is alive Death has lost its victory And the grave has been denied Jesus lives forever He’s alive, He’s alive

Ain’t Gonna Let No Rock – Ron Kenoly Chords and Lyrics

I will make a joyful noise I will sing a joyful song That is pleasing to the ear of the Lord (2x)