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Let My Words Be Few Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Phillips, Craig and Dean

You are God in heaven And here am I on earth So I’ll let my words be few Jesus, I am so in love with You

When The Stars Burn Down (Blessing and Honor) Chords and Lyrics – Phillips, Craig & Dean

When the stars burn down and the earth wears out And we stand before the throne With the witnesses who have gone before We will rise and all applaud

Great Are You Lord Lyrics and Chords – Phillips, Craig & Dean

The beauty of Your majesty displayed for all the world to see Is it any wonder, is it any wonder The glory of Your holiness, the mercy of Your faithfulness Is it any wonder, is it any wonder, we sing

Revelation Song Chords and Lyrics – Phillips, Craig & Dean

Worthy is The Lamb who was slain Holy, Holy, is He Sing a new song to Him who sits on Heaven’s mercy seat

Friend Of God Chords and Lyrics – Michael Gungor & Israel Houghton

Who am I that You are mindful of me That You hear me when I call Is it true that You are thinking of me How You love me it’s amazing

Crucified With Christ Chords and Lyrics – Philips, Craig & Dean

When I look back at what I thought was a living I’m amazed at the price I chose to pay And to think I ignored what really mattered Because I thought the sacrifice would be too great But when I finally reached the point of givin’ in I found the cross was calling even then […]