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Who Is There Like You – Paul Oakley Lyrics

Who is there like You? And who else would give their life for me Even suffering in my place? And who could repay You? All of creation looks to You And You provided all You have made

There’s A Place (Because Of You) – Paul Oakley Lyrics

VERSE 1: There’s a place where the streets shine With the glory of the Lamb There’s a way we can go there We can live there beyond time

Jesus, Lover Of My Soul (It’s All About You) Lyrics – Paul Oakley

It’s all about You, Jesus And all this is for You For Your glory and Your fame It’s not about me As if You should do things my way You alone are God and I surrender To Your ways

I Love Your Love Lyrics – Paul Oakley

VERSE: Sometimes when I feel Your love As I walk along the busy street I whisper Your name under my breath And sometimes when i feel Your touch In the quiet place of my room I sing Your name in adoration

Fire Lyrics – Paul Oakley

CHORUS: Fire, there’s a fire, sweet fire burning in my heart Fire, there’s a fire, sweet fire burning in my heart VERSE 1: And I will run with all of the passion You’ve put in me I will spread the seed of the gospel everywhere (repeat chorus)