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Today Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Newworldson

Light of the world, hope for all man You never let me down I can’t believe You call me Your friend It’s turned my whole life around But still it’s hard to let go of the wheel No one ever showed me how

Learning To Be The Light Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Newworldson

When the stars came crashing down in tiny pieces to the ground I was all alone down here, trapped beneath the atmosphere Then I thought somebody called my name I spun around and caught a flame Gave in to a God I didn’t know And now everything is falling into place A brand new life […]

There Is A Way Chords and Lyrics – Newworldson

You say love is just a word, just four letters in a row Just a thing that people say, or they never tell you so And you use every excuse, to let nobody in Now this cloud you bring around, has become your only friend