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You’re The Source – Matt Frazier Lyrics

You’ve kept watch over me since I was a child You’ve stayed close when my heart has gone running wild You’ve welcomed me back again and again You’ve offered your kindness, forgiven my sin

Thirst No More Lyrics – Matt Frazier

O Lord I’m thirsty although I’ve had plenty to drink And Lord I’m hungry hungrier than I would ever think

Jesus, Priceless Treasure – Matt Frazier Lyrics

Jesus, priceless treasure source of purest pleasure Truest friend to me truest friend to me

I Need You God – Matt Frazier Lyrics

The human heart is deceitful above all things Who can know it but you? So ev’ry day that I trust in you Lord I sing, “Forgive me and make me new” I need you God, oh how I need you God to remove my fear, to replace my heart My sin is great, but much […]

I Get My Joy In Jesus – Matt Frazier Lyrics

I get my joy in Jesus I get my joy in Jesus The world ain’t got nothing for me Oh can’t you see that I put my hope in Jesus? I put my hope in Jesus Not in my stuff ’cause I couldn’t get enough like I can in Jesus

Matt Frazier – Grow Something New Lyrics

Lord, you’re the keeper of what you grow You water, you guard, for fruit to show for mercy and justice to flow You planted the vineyard, our needs you know