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I Wonder Chords and Lyrics – Leeland

At the stars in the night, I wonder At Your lightning in the sky, I shudder Your glory is a blanket that covers Every living thing

Better Word Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Leeland

Your blood is healing every wound Your blood is making all things new Your blood speaks a?better?word

We Are Returning Chords and Lyrics – Leeland

We are returning to Jesus You are the way and the truth Leaving behind every idol We are returning to You

Where You Are Chords and Lyrics – Leeland

I can’t get enough No I can’t get enough Of Your amazing love I can’t get enough

First Love Fire Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Leeland

I remember when all I knew To do was sing Your name I remember when all I longed To do was give You praise Jesus, light the first love fire in me, again

Love Is On The Move – Leeland Lyrics

On the corner of Fifth Street, The homeless man needs to eat Down on the edge of town Lost his family long ago Nobody even knows They all just pass him by

Follow You – Leeland With Brandon Heath Lyrics

You live among the least of these The weary and the weak And it would be a tragedy For me to turn away All my needs You have supplied When I was dead You gave me life How could I not give it away so freely?

Count Me In Lyrics – Leeland

You gave all You had I didn’t chose You, You chose me first. Even when I turned my back You still gave Your love It’s the only thing I wanna have No greater gift than a man to lay down His life How could I miss this, I’m not about to pass it up!