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Don’t Forget (Psalm 103) Chords and Lyrics – Kingdom Kids, Shane & Shane

Don’t forget His benefits He forgives your sins Redeems your life from the pit No regret He’s paid your debt So lift your gaze and celebrate Forgiveness

As You First Loved Me Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kingdom Kids, Shane & Shane

Man of sorrows cast down with grief Despised afflicted for all to see The lamb of God was slain now I am free I give my life to love as You loved me

Your Name (Psalm 40) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kingdom Kids, Shane & Shane

I waited patiently For the Lord most high He turned His ear to me And He heard my cry Your starting works for me I multiply Oh they multiply

You Know Everything Chords and Lyrics – Shane & Shane, Kingdom Kids

You know words before I speak ’em Thoughts before I think ’em You know everything I’ve ever done All I’ll ever do You know every hair on my head Everywhere that I’ve been You know everything there is to know Still you love me