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Place Of Praise Chords and Lyrics – Matt Redman, Kim Walker-Smith

Through every changing moment Find me at Your throne In every shifting season Find this heart bowed down Through every stormy tempest And every circumstance When life is at its brightest Or when shadows gather round

Fearless Chords and Lyrics – Jesus Culture, Kim Walker-Smith

Waking up from the longest night Fixing my eyes on a new horizon Joy before me Leave the past behind There’s no turning back There’s no turning back

Throne Room Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kim Walker-Smith

Dream after dream You are, speaking to me Breathing, word after word Of kingdom come Here at Your feet I can, see the unseen Truly, one look at You And I’m undone

Protector Chords and Lyrics – Kim Walker-Smith

I come out of agreement With the lie that You have left me on my own I?am?not alone I come?out of agreement With the worry and?the fear I’ve come to know No, they won’t have a?hold?on?me

Just Be Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Kim Walker Smith

Everything else can wait I’ve come to seek Your face So everything else can wait I’m here for You I want to

Unstoppable Love Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jesus Culture ft. Kim Walker-Smith

Try to stop Your love, and You would wage a war Try to take the very thing, You gave Your life for And You would come running, tear down every wall All the while shouting, “My love you’re worth it all!”

In The River Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jesus Culture feat. Kim Walker-Smith

There is a river where goodness flows There is a fountain that drowns sorrows There is an ocean deeper than fear The tide is rising, rising

Alive In You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Jesus Culture feat. Kim Walker-Smith

From beginning to the end All my life is in Your hands This whole world may hold me down But it can never drown You out I’m not merely flesh and bone I was made for something more