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My Redeemer Lives – John Willison Lyrics

For I know my redeemer lives and in the end he will stand on the earth For I know my redeemer lives and in the end he will reign on the earth

For Your Glory – John Willison Lyrics

You have broken me on the rock You have laid my soul open With my heart exposed on the rock I am grateful to be chosen For your glory Your glory, Lord

Fix My Eyes – John Willison Lyrics

Fix my eyes on Jesus Fix my eyes on the Lamb Oh, on you Never, never turn away Never, never turn away Never turn my eyes away from you

Don’t Want To Live – John Willison Lyrics

Verse 1: When the flower has faded When the candle burns low You still come with your love You still give of yourself to me Chorus: I don’t want to live without you Don’t want to go on at all Don’t think I can live without you No, not at all

Carried Away – John Willison Lyrics

I have seen the Kingdom coming I have seen the Kingdom’s power I have seen you raise a dead man I have felt that life come into me And I am Carried away by your mercy I am Overwhelmed by your power

Captain Of Heaven Lyrics – John Willison

I hear in the distance the sound of your footsteps See all around me the signs of your hand Feel my heart tremble, I see you approaching I know deep inside you are not just a man You have come You are here I fall to my knees as the Captain of Heaven appears

Bought Back – John Willison Lyrics

I’m bought back I’m bought back I’m bought back from my sin I’m bought back from my shame I’m bought back from the grave I’m bought back from the flames Yes, I’m back I’m bought back Was left to die in the waste of my life But I’m back

Anything You Ask – John Willison Lyrics

Anything you ask Anywhere you go Anything you do I will follow you Any gift you give Any word you say Any price to pay I will follow you You are my everything All I want is you You give the life I need All I want is you