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I Need You Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worhship, Jessie Harris

I have this thirst only You can satisfy My heart, it burns, with an all-consuming fire I search and seek but You’re never hard to find The more of You I see, the more that I desire

Deliverance Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worship

You wouldn’t let me stay a captive You couldn’t stand to see my chains And so You came to be my rescue To part the waters in my way

O The Blood Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worship, Kari Jobe

O the blood Crimson love Price of life’s demand Shameful sin Placed on Him The Hope of every man

Bound Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Gateway Worship

I worship You alone in the quiet place Where the stillness of my soul meets the brilliance of Your face My heart is bound to You with a bond as thick as blood I’ve struggled in my strength to break through sin’s chains But You did it with Your love

Save Me Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Gateway Worship

In desperate need of mercy At the end of my own strength I fall upon the kindness of Your grace Lord I know that You are good You came to rescue me So please, hear my humble plea

Pure Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Gateway Worship

Your love is pure, Your love is precious Your love is all I need Your love surrounds me, Your love astounds me Your love is everything

Glorify You Alone Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Gateway Worship

Who is this King of glory Beautiful and matchless one Who is this King so holy Every knee will bow at His throne

Faithful God Chords and Lyrics – Gateway Worship

If I call will You come, when I cry do You hear I believe ev’ry tear is caught up by a faithful God So I will cry until You come, cast my cares into Your arms I can’t see past this storm, but I’m counting on a faithful God