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Ancient Of Days Chords and Lyrics – Ron Kenoly

Blessing and honor, glory and power Be unto the ancient of days From ev’ry nation all of creation Bow before the ancient of days

Gerrit Gustafson & Gary Sadler – A Place At Your Altar Chords and Lyrics

Verse : I will seek a place at Your altar Humbly draw near to You I will hide myself in Your shadow Worship in Spirit and in truth

You Are Glorious Lyrics – Gary Sadler & Steven T. Taylor

Over the powers of darkness, over the prince of the air above the kingdoms of evil, Jesus reigns Over the rulers of nations, over the heavenly hosts above the armies of angels, Jesus reigns

Oh Lord To You Lyrics – Gary Sadler

VERSE 1: We will seek you first Lord You will hear our voices Early in the morning and late in the night VERSE 2: We will sing praises giving You the glory Offering our lives to You a Holy sacrifice

Lord Most High Lyrics – Don Harris & Gary Sadler

From the ends of the earth (From the ends of the earth) From the depths of the sea (From the depths of the sea) From the heights of the heavens (From the heights of the heavens) Your name be praised

Lord I Thirst For You Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Gary Sadler

Lord, I thirst for You I long to be in Your presence My soul will wait on You Father, draw me nearer Draw me nearer To the beauty of Your holiness

He Will Come And Save You – Bob Fitts & Gary Sadler

VERSE 1: Say to those who are fearful hearted, “do not be afraid The Lord your God is strong, with His mighty arm When you call on His name.” He will come and save