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After Your Heart Chords and Lyrics – SEU Worship, Dan Rivera, Elle Limebear

We will stand through fire We will walk through waters Full of faith and passion More than louder praises Find our hearts repentant This is the sound of revival

Call On Your Name Chords and Lyrics – Elle Limebear

I know Your silence is not Your absence ‘Cause You move outside the limits of time Will You remind my heart of Your presence That You’re here, here with me in the night

Love Song Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – One Sonic Society & Elle Limebear

You are real to me More than this ground beneath my feet You are life to me More than the very air I breathe

Alive & Breathing Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Matt Maher feat. Elle Limebear

What holds your heart What stirs your soul What matters come to mind The cares you keep The thoughts you think It’s not all wasted time Seek and you will find