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To Every Nation – Charlie Hall Lyrics

Help me Jesus, help me Lord oh my father, i’m needing more not just for me but so i can give You to others pour me out as an offering what i am is what i bring spend me, Jesus, for Your Name and in Your power

Charlie Hall – The Vision Lyrics

a vision of the world aflame across this globe is written Jesus’ Name and the heart of God is burning in the hearts of His people they’re yearning to seek His Holy face and even in their sleep they’ll speak His Name and the Spirit of the Lord on us to set a fire

Charlie Hall Chords and Lyrics – Salvation

Salvation, spring up from the ground Lord, rend the Heavens and come down Seek the lost and heal the lame Jesus bring glory to Your name

Charlie Hall Lyrics – King Eternal

(verse x2) Unto the King eternal Unto the Lord Immortal Unto the God invisible You alone arise

Jesus, Savior Of The World Lyrics – Charlie Hall

Verse: There’s a song, that the lost one sings When they are found and move from the dark into the light

Holy Visitation (Between Porch and Altar) – Charlie Hall Lyrics

Sound the alarm Gather the people Gather the elders Let the ministers wail God, take back the years that the enemy’s stolen Lord, You are coming Holy Visitation

Give Us Clean Hands Lyrics – Charlie Hall

We bow our hearts, we bend our kneesO Spirit come make us humbleWe turn our eyes from evil thingsO Lord we cast down our idols