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Calvary’s Enough Chords and Lyrics – Brooke Ligertwood

I resolve to know Nothing but You crucified Somehow in this room right now It is enough The weight of the world Too much for the souls of men But somehow You hold it all Upon the cross

Ancient Gates Chords and Lyrics – Brooke Ligertwood

There is singing at the ancient gates There’s a melody of ceaseless praise Age to age, the sound is only growing stronger There’s a throne beneath the name of names There is seated on it One who reigns And His kingdom now is here and getting closer

Resurrender Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Worship, Brooke Ligertwood

You’re turning over tables And calling for return To our lives upon the altar The things we did at first You’re clearing out the temple You’re cleaning out the dirt For we are Your territory Lord, we are Your Church

Honey In The Rock Chords and Lyrics – Brooke Ligertwood, Brandon Lake

There’s honey in the rock Water in the stone Manna on the ground No matter where I go I don’t need to worry Now that I know Everything I need You’ve got There’s honey in the rock