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Your Beloved Lyrics – Brent Helming

Lord it was You who Created the heavens Lord it was Your hand That put the stars in their place Lord it is Your voice That commands the morning Even oceans and their waves Bow at Your feet

You Are My Everything Lyrics – Brent Helming

What can I say to tell You just how much That Your love means to me, to me What can I do to contain the joy That I have found in You, I have found in You

You Draw Me Closer Lyrics – Brent Helming

Lord it is your love That can find me wherever I run And draw me closer You draw me closer

Come And Fill This Place – Brent Helming Lyrics

Verse 1 Come and Fill this place, come and fill this place As we sing your praise come and fill this place Chorus Let your kingdom come, let your will be done Here in this place as it is in heaven Verse 2 Move among us now, move among us now As we sing your […]