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He Does Chords and Lyrics – Brandon Heath

Wouldn’t if be great if there was an answer A quench for the heart, a cure for cancer Holding us close like a tiny dancer With plenty of love for everyone Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a direct line Straight to the top we could call anytime Whatever the reason or inclination With […]

That’s Enough Chords and Lyrics – Brandon Heath

Mind if I tell you a secret A few simple truths about me Might be hard to believe Guess I’m just tryin’ to come clean Sometimes I don’t know where I’m goin’ It’s hard to admit where I’ve been When I come to the end of myself this is where I begin again

He Is Not Worried Chords and Lyrics – Brandon Heath

Forget counting sheep, can’t go to sleep Thunder and lightning, be down on the street Reluctantly walking down stairs I know He’s still up down there Reading His Bible at the kitchen counter Like only a watchman would do at this hour Says, “Come over here, little man” With a warm glass and milk in […]

I Run Chords and Lyrics – Brandon Heath

Somedays I feel like I got nothing left Like I’m running on empty Down to my last breath My feet are so heavy Don’t wanna carry the load But then I think of You standing there At the end of the road

Jesus In Disguise Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Brandon Heath

Ever get something in your head It’s nothing you heard, or something you read Ever had a cut, but you never saw the blade Brought to your knees, but you never prayed

The Light In Me Chords and Lyrics – Brandon Heath

My life before You, I was a flame burning down I was burning out But You knew me better, for You there was never a doubt Not since You gave me Your life

Your Love Chords and Lyrics – Brandon Heath

I felt it first when I was younger A strange connection to the light I tried to satisfy the hunger, I never got it right I never got it right

Love Never Fails – Brandon Heath Chords and Lyrics

Love is not proud, love does not boast Love after all, matters the most Love does not run, love does not hide Love does not keep locked inside Love is the river that flows through Love never fails you