Guitar Chord Chart

There are many theories behind the best way to learn guitar chords. Some musicians say that you should first learn the scales, a bit of lead, and then try out the chords, as it will give you a very good background and theoretical knowledge as well. Others state that simply listen to your favorite song, and trying playing it with the chords and tabs provided on the internet.

I learned the chords through a completely different method. I tried to pick some of the chords that looked easy to me and that would result in a combination, and try practicing them by playing my favorite songs with these chords. Even though the scales of the song may have differed, but I could learn the chords I picked for that day quite easily.

Selecting the Chords to Learn

For example, "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx has the chords C, Am, F and G used in it in easy progressions. But I wanted to learn the chords G, Em, C and D. So I tried playing the song on the second set of chords instead the real set. The song sounded right as far the tune and the music went, but it was a great way to practice the chords I wanted to learn!

Now you can try the same theory to learn guitar chords easily as well. You might need to learn a bit of theory as well before you can carry on with this, but it proves to be very interesting and rewarding to hear yourself play the song correctly (at least it sounds right to some extent). My process is therefore a mixture of quite a few theories that are there to help you learn chords.

Some More Information

Finally, try to get hold some easy songs to play on your guitar that will not have too many chords or tough progressions to begin with, and you can be well on the way to becoming an expert on playing the guitar. Consider the above steps to learn guitar chords and play your favorite songs easily.

Guitar Chord Chart



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