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Something Has To Break Chords and Lyrics – Red Rocks Worship, Essential Worship

I feel it in this room Holy Spirit move ‘Cause when You have Your way Something has to break Tear down every lie Set the wrong thing right ‘Cause when You have Your way Something has to break Something has to break

Still Chords and Lyrics – Steven Curtis Chapman

The sky was clear, Kentucky blue You led me high up the mountain to show me the view And said “Wherever this journey takes you Just trust me, I’m already there” I had no way of knowin’ then Just how hard the rain would fall and how fierce would be the wind It’s been beautiful […]

Supernatural Love Chords and Lyrics – Planetshakers

Your love Is getting down deeper Changing me into Something brand-new

Shadow Of Shaddai Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Steffany Gretzinger

You are my great love All my delight is in You There’s no fear in You, love There’s nothing You say that You won’t do

All Creatures (Sing The Harmony) Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Shane & Shane & Davy Flowers

All creatures of our God and King Lift up your voice and with us sing O praise Him! O praise Him! Thou, burning sun with golden beam Thou, silver moon with softer gleam O praise Him! O praise Him! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Seasons Chords and Lyrics – Hillsong Worship, Benjamin Hastings

Like the frost on a rose Winter comes for us all Oh how nature acquaints us With the nature of patience Like a seed in the snow I’ve been buried to grow For Your promise is loyal From seed to sequoia I know

Surrounded By Holy Chords and Lyrics – Bethel Music & Zahriya Zachary

Take me into Your secret place Where I’m constantly amazed Where the saints and angels bow before You

Still Mighty Chords and Lyrics – Leeland

I’m warm and dry when I am by Your side The waters rising but I’ll hold on tight All my anxiety it melts in Your eyes You’ll see me through The other side