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Rise My Soul, The Lord Is Risen Chords, Lyrics, Sheet Music – Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, Keith & Kristyn Getty

Rise my soul, the Lord is risen Come behold the empty grave See the place where darkness laid Him Sing for only hope remains Hallelujah, praise forever Death defeated and life restored By that great immortal power Christ is risen, arise my soul

Refiner Chords and Lyrics – Maverick City Music, Mara Justine

If the altar is where you meet us Take me there, take me there If you’re looking for an offering It’s right here, my life is here And I’ll be a living sacrifice for you You’re a fire, the refiner I wanna be consumed

Runnin Chords and Lyrics – Elevation Worship, Brandon Lake

I have tasted, I have seen The realness of Your love for me It’s written on Your hands and feet It’s all the evidence I’ll ever need

Run To You Chords and Lyrics – Planetboom

I need You, I’m reaching out With all of my heart and soul My Jesus, You’re here right now Holding me through it all Holding me through it all

Revive My Soul Chords and Lyrics – Austin Stone Worship

I wanna wake to a mercy that’s new So aim like an arrow my heart back to you But I need you, to revive my soul I wanna sing like I know you are here Finding a joy that I can’t commandeer But I need you, to revive my soul

Rescuer (Good News) Chords and Lyrics – Rend Collective

He’s our rescuer He’s our rescuer We are free from sin forever more Oh how sweet the sound Oh how grace abounds We will praise the Lord our rescuer

The Rock Chords and Lyrics – Planetshakers

In our darkest days Through the fear and pain You were always there with us It’s only by Your grace That we are here today We’re the evidence of love

Rejoice Chords and Lyrics – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Shane & Shane

Rejoice in the Lord now and always Sing it again, we rejoice Delight in the love He has shown us Gratefully lift up your voice His gentleness among us Will join our hearts with praise We gather in His goodness A family of grace